17 Best Lakes in Berlin (For Summertime Swimming)

Berlin is largely perceived as this huge, densely populated, vibrant, bustling metropolis. But the city is also incredibly diverse with many interesting things to do, inside nature.

Located in a low-lying, marshy forested area, the region is home to thriving nature, lush green forests, meadows, and over 3,000 lakes of all sizes within the city limits and in the surrounding area!

On the shores of the best lakes in Berlin, you’ll find yourself surrounded by friendly folk, good vibes, cheap beer, barbecue trays, and Tupperware boxes of homemade salads and snacks.

So get your picnic blanket ready, dust off your ukulele, pack some bug spray in your bag, and head to one of the 17 best lakes near Berlin to swim and have a great day!

17 Best Lakes in Berlin

1. Plötzensee

The first one on our list is a proper city lake, situated between Wedding and Mitte, right at Volkspark Rehberger. Plötzensee has an official lido, but also the possibility of picnicking along its perimeter on the grassy ground.

  • Why visit: Easy to reach, clean water, sandy beach with sports facilities and a long wooden jetty from which you can jump directly into the water.
  • Location: Nordufer 24, 13351 Berlin (Wedding)
  • Station: S41, S42, U9 “Westhafen”

(Good to know: If the beach is too crowded, you can go to the Park Rehberge, where you can also sunbathe, play sports and even enjoy the open-air cinema.)

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2. Weißensee

The “White Lake” of Berlin offers great swimming as well as boat rentals, an animal enclosure, and an adjacent park. There is a modern cocktail bar where delicious drinks are served, and a café with good coffee and cake to linger over.

  • Why visit: The lido is equipped with sand and palm trees to make you feel like you are on vacation while swimming.
  • Location: Berliner Allee 155, 13088 Berlin (Pankow)
  • Station: M1, M2, M4, M13 “Weißer See”

(Good to know: In winter, some brave people also venture onto the frozen Weißensee with ice skates.)

3. Wannsee

The Wannsee at the Havel river is the largest inland water resort in Europe, with a 1,300-meter long and 80-meter wide sandy beach. The sand here was transported straight from the Baltic Sea, together with dozens of traditional cozy wicker beach chairs.

  • Why visit: Perfect for swimming, playing beach volleball, riding a paddle boat, or feasting on curry sausage and tarte flambée in the beer garden.
  • Location: Wannseebadweg 25, 14129 Berlin (Steglitz-Zehlendorf)
  • Station: S1, S7 “Nikolassee”

(Good to know: In the middle of Wannsee lies the fairytale-like [su_tooltip title=”peacock island” text=”English Translation”]Pfaueninsel[/su_tooltip] with a large sunbathing lawn and a beautiful café. And yes, you can see peacocks here.)

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4. Krumme Lanke

In the Grunewald area lies a chain of Berlin lakes, of which Krumme Lanke is one of the most beautiful. Surrounded by a dense green forest and with an entrance to the water at almost any point of the shore, this lake is made for a summer day of leisure and pleasure.

  • Why visit: The lake is very popular with strollers, joggers, anglers, dog owners, and swimmers alike.
  • Location: Krumme Lanke, 14163 Berlin (Steglitz-Zehlendorf)
  • Station: U3 “Krumme Lanke”

(Good to know: The beach close to Fischerhüttenstraße is open for skinny dipping and nudist sunbathing.)

5. Schlachtensee

Schlachtensee is actually connected to the Krumme Lanke on one side and Wannsee on the other. It’s one of the cleanest lakes in Berlin and invites not only for swimming but also for fishing, SUPing, jogging, or just for a sunny afternoon lying on the grassy shores.

  • Why visit: Sunbathing lawns begin at the S-Bahn station and stretch all the way down to the lake!
  • Location: Am Schlachtensee, 14163 Berlin (Steglitz-Zehlendorf)
  • Station: S1 “Schlachtensee”

(Good to know: The Paul-Ernst-Park is right nearby, and there is the “Fisher Hut” restaurant at the eastern shore with a beer garden.)

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6. Müggelsee

People say Müggelsee is the Wannsee of East Berlin. It’s the largest of the lakes in Berlin and offers excellent swimming and leisure time activities. The sandy lido is admission-free, and all around it, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, and boathouses.

  • Why visit: Largest and most famous of lakes in Berlin. You can take a river cruise on the Spree through Müggelsee and the surrounding forests.
  • Location: Müggelseedamm 216, 12587 Berlin (Treptow/Köpenick)
  • Station: S3 “Friedrichshagen” or S3 “Köpenick” + tram 60 or 61

(Good to know: If the Großer Müggelsee is crowded, try going to its smaller half, Kleiner Müggelsee.)

7. Dämeritzsee

The Dämeritzsee is where Berlin meets Brandenburg, geographically speaking. It’s one of the best lakes in Berlin for boat trips and fishing. There is no designated bathing area, but swimming is easier on the Brandenburg side of the lake as the shores are flatter and the water is easier to reach.

  • Why visit: The lake is relatively shallow and pleasantly warm in summer, and the water quality is really good.
  • Location: Kanalstraße 38, 12589 Berlin (Erkner)
  • Station: S3 “Erkner”

(Good to know: Dogs are not allowed in the swimming areas – better to bring your furry friends to the dog beach at Grunewaldsee instead.)

8. Flakensee

A little further in Brandenburg lies one of the most beautiful lakes near Berlin – Flakensee. It’s actually connected to the Dämeritzsee, and the Kalksee on the other side. Flakensee has its own campsite, so you can spend a long weekend on its shores. There is a sand strip called [su_tooltip title=”white beach” text=”English Translation”]Weißer Strand[/su_tooltip] and expansive meadows where you can sunbathe or play team sports.

  • Why visit: Super romantic with boats lying in the lake and wooded banks with branches hanging over the water.
  • Location: Fangschleusenstr. 17, 15569 Woltersdorf (Brandenburg)
  • Station: S3 “Erkner”

(Good to know: The water is clear, but in the high season many plant parts float in the water, you have to be careful not to get tangled.)

9. Liepnitzsee

The bright turquoise gem of Liepnitzsee is an absolute highlight for Berlin lake lovers. Like no other lake in Berlin, it glimmers in a pristine blue-green color. Plan a day trip to this beautiful location 35 km away from Berlin. It’s worth visiting the big island in the middle, Großer Werder, with a campsite and a ferry pier.

  • Why visit: Idyllic location, beautiful beaches, one of the cleanest lakes in all of Brandenburg!
  • Location: Am Liepnitzsee, 16321 Bernau bei Berlin
  • Station: S2 “Bernau” + regional bus and a 30-min walk through the forest

(Good to know: Might be a good idea to take your bike in order to cycle around it, or to find a more secluded access point to the water.)

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10. Sacrower See

Speaking about crystal clear waters, the Sacrower See in Potsdam is definitely one of the best bathing lakes near Berlin. You can see as far as 4m deep here so no worries about swimming in murky waters. Glienicker See is very close by, in case it gets too crowded.

  • Why visit: Clean water, fine sandy beaches and a restaurant overlooking the lake and beach.
  • Location: Seepromenade 99, 14476 Potsdam
  • Station: Bus 134 from Spandau, then bus 697 + 15 min walk (better yet to go by car, ~ 50 mins)

(Good to know: You can take a paid water cab to the bathing spots on the north shore, but at least you don’t have to pay a fee for swimming and sunbathing).

11. Tegeler See

This is the second largest of the lakes in Berlin. All around it, there are a variety of recreational opportunities and gastronomic offers, including playgrounds, park benches at water’s edge, small cafés, and even a miniature golf course.

  • Why visit: Because of Berlin’s oldest oak,

(Good to know: In addition to the open-air swimming pool, there are other swimming spots on the shore of the lake accessible without entrance fees.)

12. Flughafensee

Besides Tegeler See, Flughafensee is another lake near Tegel Airport. Swimmers should head for the north shore, where there is a wide sandy beach. For anglers and walkers, on the other hand, there are many lakeside paths, three lookout points, and fish-rich waters.

  • Why visit: It is a much smaller, man-made quarry pond, but it has the advantage of no boat traffic.
  • Location: Seidelstraße, 13507 Berlin (Tegel)
  • Station: U6 “Holzhausen Str.”

(Good to know: As one of the deepest lakes in Berlin with a depth of about 35 meters, the [su_tooltip title=”Airport lake” text=”English Translation”]Flughafensee[/su_tooltip] is a very popular place for diving).

13. Stienitzsee

Stienitzsee is largely surrounded by meadows, benches, and shady trees, but there is also a spacious beach area with lots of sand and [su_tooltip title=”beach basket chairs” text=”English Translation”]Strandkörbe[/su_tooltip]. The water is clear and clean, full of water lilies, fish, and mussels that make you feel like you are swimming in the untouched wilderness.

  • Why visit: You can rent SUP boards, pedal boats and rowboats, have fun on a beach volleyball court or take a stroll along the shore.
  • Location: Berliner Str. 12, 15378 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin
  • Station: S5 “Strausberg” and regional bus or tram to Hennickendorf

(Good to know: It’s about 30 km from Alexanderplatz, so it takes some planning to get there, but you can totally escape the big city life.)

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14. Bötzsee

The path around the Bötzsee leads close to the shore, then halfway up through the forest, and back to the water again. You can find secluded bathing places everywhere along the lake, and since motorboats are prohibited, you will have peace and quiet.

  • Why visit: Extensive sunbathing lawns and a sandy beach, a jetty with a diving tower, a playground and a volleyball court.
  • Location: Altlandsberger Chaussee 102, 15345 Petershagen/Eggersdorf
  • Station: S5 “Petershagen-Nord” or “Strausberg” + regional bus

(Good to know: Here is the only barrier-free lido in the region.)

15. Orankesee

Located in the middle of a villa district, Orankesee is like an urban oasis of tranquility and vacation feeling. Its lido is divided into a non-swimmer and swimmer area, both with a sandy beach and a green sunbathing lawn.

  • Why visit: In addition to a children’s water slide, there is also a 52m long water slide for adults.
  • Location: Gertrudstraße 7, 13053 Berlin (Lichtenberg/Hohenschönhausen)
  • Station: M4, M5, tram 27 “Erkner”

(Good to know: There is a small children’s playground, two table tennis tables and a beach volleyball court on the premises, and a place to buy snacks.)

16. Straussee

Just a few minutes’ walk from the S-Bahn station is the landing stage of the electric ferry across Straussee, which is also easily accessible by wheelchair. From there you can enjoy lakeside paths with idyllic views, a lido for swimming, views of the old town and a historic marina.

  • Why visit: With its many attractions along the shore, Straussee is ideal for an adventure tour or a family outing.
  • Location: Fichteplatz 1, 15344 Strausberg
  • Station: S5 “Strausberg Stadt”

(Good to know: The Scuba School Strausberg offers diving lessons and equipment.)

17. Schermützelsee

Since Schermützelsee is 50 km away from Berlin, you should consider it for a day trip or an overnight stay with friends. Maybe someone has a car or you can rent one that will take you there along with camping gear. There is a lookout point, a 7.5-km long panoramic trail, and the possibility to rent different boats.

  • Why visit: The water is so clear that you can see up to 6 meters deep.
  • Location: Wriezener Str. 38, 15377 Buckow (Märkische Schweiz)
  • Station: S5 “Strausberg Nord” + regional bus to Buckow (1.5 hrs), or by car over B1/B5 (~1hr)

(Good to know: In the immediate vicinity are toilets, a playground, restaurants, and a sandy beach.)

Why We Love Lakes in Berlin

Wherever you live in Berlin, the nearest swimming lake is actually never far away.

Many of them are equipped with sandy strips, chiringuitos, lounge chairs, and other fancy paraphernalia so you can enjoy a real beach day. Other lakes in Berlin are wild and overgrown, with only a few clearings where you can trudge into the water and swim with the ducks.

Whether you bike to the nearest lakeshore and read in the shade of the trees or take a day trip to the sandy beach resorts of the more remote lakes near Berlin, you won’t regret getting to know this beautiful, natural side of your favorite city.