12 Cheap Bars in Berlin Worth Visiting (City Guide)

There are more cheap bars in Berlin than you can count, and new ones are being added all the time. Some try to stand out from the crowd and offer you special decor, fancy drinks, and attractive events. Others are simple, unpretentious and authentic, without much fuss or frills.

It’s not impossible to stay teetotal in Berlin, but drinking is almost an integral part of the city’s culture. The first order of business when you get off the S-Bahn is to grab a beer from the station kiosk, and that’s okay. They even open it for you.

Yet, if you feel like exploring the city’s exciting and colorful nightlife, check out these 12 cheap bars in Berlin where you can have a good time for little money.

12 Cheap Bars in Berlin

1. Primitiv Bar

The Primitiv Bar is located at one end of the busiest street in Friedrichshain, Simon-Dach-Strasse. Here you come out with one common goal: to eat, drink and hang out.

“Primitiv”, created because it’s a simple, it’s an international word that everyone understands. The bar keeps democratic prices and good alcohol. In addition to a large selection of wine and beer (from 2€), there is a wide range of long drinks (from 4,50€) and cocktails, various kinds of rum and whiskey, absinthe, and, of course, vodka. 

  • Location: Simon-Dach-Str. 28, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
  • Opening hours: Tue–Wed 6pm–1am / Thu 4pm–1am / Fri–Sat 3pm–1am / Sun 2pm–1am

(Good to know: People smoke here. In summer it doesn’t bother you as it’s best to settle down on the outside terrace of the place, in winter smoky clothes are inevitable.)

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2. Lerchen&Eulen

Translating into “larks and owls”, this is a coffee place that moonlights as one of the good and cheap bars in Berlin. Find tasty coffee, homebaked cake, and banging cocktails at this cozy bar with mismatched 70s retro furniture, exposed brick walls, and fresh flowers.

Well, okay, we’re talking Berlin early birds here, so the café is open daily from as late as 3 pm. And while it’s still pretty quiet here in the early afternoon hours, the later the hour, the wilder the chirping in the nest.

In nice weather, when the sun is shining, Lerchen&Eulen has a Berlin-style terrace outside with wooden patio furniture. If it gets chilly, you can literally buy a hoodie from the bar (and other merch like T-shirts and gym sacks).

  • Location: Pücklerstr. 33, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Wed 3pm–3am / Thu 3pm–4am / Fri–Sat 3pm–5am / Sun 3pm–3am

(Good to know: The in-house ALLENDE coffee is an organic wild Arabica grown in South America by the owner’s uncle).

3. Multilayerladen

You won’t go through a portal here and end up in one of Rick and Morty’s multiverses, but you might still have a multidimensional experience in this bar, especially after a few drinks. 

The Multilayerladen has multiple seating opportunities. On the ground level, there are tree swings, pallet sofas, and even a full-size bed with comfy pillows. Up on the walls there are wooden crates you can climb into via ladders. Don’t forget that you also have to climb back down, so keep count of your drinks. 

You’ll pay reasonable prices for good craft beers, house wines, and creative cocktails at this hip and exciting place at Kotti.

  • Location: Adalbertstr. 4, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Thu 6pm–2am / Fri–Sat 6pm–4am

(Good to know: There is a jukebox for self-service music. Live bands also play here on weekends, and there are regular electro parties on Saturdays.)

4. Misfit Bar

The Misfit Bar at Oranienplatz has a tropical flair. Lush green plants contrast with the bar’s red walls, creating a cozy ambiance inside. Outside is Misfit‘s popular beer garden, also surrounded by greenery. 

The cocktails, beers, and simple pub grub here are cheap but good. You can play a round of foosball for free while listening to lively old-school rock, as well as punk, metal, or goth. What else is there?

  • Location: Leuschnerdamm, Oranienpl. 41, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Opening hours: Mon 6pm–12am / Tue–Thu 6pm–1am / Fri–Sat 6pm–2am

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5. Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo

Fitzcarraldo used to be an old film art video store in Friedrichshain. Later they moved to Kreuzberg and expanded into a video store and pub in one. Celebrate cinema and nightlife alike in this atmospheric, relaxed film-themed bar. 

In the basement, you can browse through a vast arthouse film library with some 10,000 DVDs, sorted by director, country, and genre. The Filmkunstbar also hosts regular movie events. 

Fitzcarraldo is one of the most quirky and eccentric cheap bars in Berlin, not only for movie lovers. If you want to dance here, you’ll be surrounded by actors’ headshots plastering the walls, and garlands, lights, and plastic flowers hanging from the ceiling. The music ranges from the 70s to Eminem.

  • Location: Reichenberger Str. 133, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Sun 5pm–12am (open end!)

(Good to know: Every now and then, this bar hosts a flea market/swap party for vintage clothes with no participation fees, but with music, drinks, and a fun atmosphere.)

6. Kara Kas Bar

Kara Kas Bar is a real insider tip: the cozy basement bar has been an indispensable part of Berlin’s nightlife since 1987. When you think of KKB, you think of countless good parties, great atmosphere, and… comedy! 

This eclectic cellar bar with a flower-covered ceiling features themed comedy shows, like  “New in Town”, “Love in Berlin” or “Identity Crisis Comedy”, with free shots included. 

Plus delicious cocktails, warm candlelight, and varied music. Resident DJ Dengue MC knows his music, whether it’s dancehall, hip-hop, afrobeat, or reggae, you name it.

  • Location: Kurfürstenstr. 9, 10785 Berlin–Tiergarten
  • Opening hours: Wed–Thu 7:30pm–11pm / Fri–Sat 7:30pm till open end

(Good to know: If you need an inexpensive space for your birthday or Christmas party, corporate event, or supercool wedding reception, you can rent KKB! Lounge, bar, drinks, small dance floor – everything is included on request.)

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7. Badfish Bar 

Badfish is marked by a New York flair, but it’s still one of the best cheap bars in Berlin. In Prenzlauer Berg and in the brand new Lil’ Fish Bar in Friedrichshain, Badfish brings to you many great whiskeys and different craft beers every week of the year.

Moreover, they can totally make you all those fancy old-fashioned cocktails, but without the pretension of high-nosed cocktail bars. They also have lots of pickles, frozen margaritas, the best Bloody Marys in Berlin, and free popcorn. 

The bartenders will talk to you from behind the counter and make you feel like a true New Yorker, or a movie star, or both.

  • Location: Stargarder Str. 14, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Thu 5pm–1am / Fri 5pm–2am / Sat 4:30pm–2:30am / Sun 5pm–12am

(Good to know: A very expensive ventilation system that allows you to smoke inside.)

8. Schmittz

Grab a paddle and mingle with the people circling the ping pong table! It’s the only way to play on a busy night at Schmittz

On Mondays, drop by from 8 pm for a foosball tournament. The partners are drawn by lot and there is a trophy for the winner. 

And these are not the only sports enjoyed here – the bar regularly broadcasts the German Bundesliga and Champions League soccer matches.

  • Location: Gormannstraße 19, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 6pm–3am / Sat 3pm–3am / Sun 3pm–12am

(Good to know: There’s isn’t any beer on tap, only bottled, but it’s pretty cheap compared to other bars in Berlin.)

9. BESTE Bar

As far as cheap bars in Berlin go, BESTE is one of the BEST – especially with its finely created Moscow Mule on Wednesdays until 10 pm for only 3.50 euros. A bottle full of Belarusian beer is called a Ghetto Pitcher here. A look at the prices: Schultheiss beer 1.50 euros, mixed drinks around 5 euros. Yowza!

The bar brings a little glamour to Wedding. There’s historic furniture, an imposing chandelier, and paintings; there’s a Blackroom – where everything except for a yellow BESTE neon lettering on the wall. 

Small and big musicians have performed here, guests celebrate their birthdays, and soccer championships have also been watched. Mostly, though, it’s just a cool place to have fun evenings with people from around the neighbourhood.

  • Location: Willdenowstraße 12A, 13353 Berlin-Wedding
  • Opening hours: Tue–Thu 7pm–1am / Fri–Sat 7pm–3am

(Good to know: If you want to have a smoke, move into the old-timey smoking room – with a tiled table and brown leather chairs.)

10. Bar Carlitos

The unique thing about Carlitos is immediately apparent when you step over the threshold: the floor is covered with sand. No, it’s not a theme party, that’s how Carlitos rolls. 

If that alone isn’t enough to get you in the tropical mood, try one of the fantastic cocktails on the menu. Carlitos is one of the small, cheaper bars in Berlin, but they have a pretty great selection of refreshing drinks and cocktails. Feeling like a daredevil? Try Carlitos Special – cocktail a la surprise.

There’s no happy hour, but fair prices around the clock. The only caveat: it’s a smoking establishment, though well ventilated.

  • Location: Sybelstrasse 16, 10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Sat 7pm–1am 

(Good to know: Carlitos offers several specials, like Game Night every first Tuesday, Long Drink Day every Wednesday, and 3-for-2 shots on Thursdays.)

11. Clash

Among the cheap bars in Berlin, there are some that will make sure you don’t sip your drinks on an empty stomach. One of these places is Clash, a lively alternative bar and club with a beer garden in the Bergmannkiez in Kreuzberg.  

Thanks to the weekly menu with tasty bites from around the globe, you can get some proper food here, such as cabbage roll with bacon and mashed potatoes or Berliner meatball with potato salad and sauerkraut, alongside changing stews, soups, and desserts. (A lot of vegan options are available too.)

In addition to cheap beer, you can play cards, billiards, and arcade games.

  • Location: Im Mehringhof, Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 12pm–open end / Sat 6:30pm–open end

(Good to know: Although Clash hosts live concerts several times a year, all events are currently canceled until the end of the year due to the pandemic.)

12. Silverfuture

The drinks are strong and cheap, the style is 80s or early 90s, the mood is casual and chill. Silverfuture is a lively queer bar in Neukölln that offers cabaret, drag shows, exhibitions, readings, and comedy.

It is a bold and bohemian place with a sign above the counter asking you to leave your “heteronormativity” at the door or you can leave.

The bar is especially popular with lesbian women, but queer Berlin newcomers and visitors from all over the world also appreciate the atmosphere.

  • Location: Weserstr. 206, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln
  • Opening hours: Thu 5pm–1am / Fri–Sat 5pm–2am

(Good to know: If you are a cishet person, you can still join the party, but remember to keep a low profile and not stare. It’s just a bunch of nice humans having drinks, don’t be a freak.)

5 Things You Should Know About Drinking in Berlin

It’s Everywhere
Spätis. Döner restaurants. Train station kiosks. The Edeka around the corner. Everybody everywhere is selling beer and in Berlin is buying it. Berliners drink on the S-Bahn, in the park, while strolling with friends or walking the dog, even while climbing in one of Berlin’s indoor rock climbing gyms. 

Legal Greyzone
The legal drinking age is 16 for beer and wine and 18 for hard liquor. Officially, it is not allowed to drink on public transport, but you will still see it happen very often. Just be discreet, don’t disturb others, and that’s it. However, keep in mind that due to the pandemic, different rules may apply. Better go to one of the cheap bars in Berlin to enjoy your beverages without any risk.

Oh Späti, My Späti!
For a bottle on hand, neighborhood kiosks called Spätis (from Spätkauf – late-night shopping) are the place to go for your needs. Besides alcohol, cigarettes and snacks, Spätis sell a lot of other goods, such as milk and yogurt, bread, sandwiches, toilet paper, newspapers and, since recently, CBD products.

Drink Like a Local 
Fancy a diesel or an alster? That’s beer mixed with coke or lemonade. Sounds weird? Well then how about a Mexikaner shot – grain brandy with tabasco sauce? Or a Berliner Weisse – sour wheat beer raspberry or woodruff flavor. The queen of drinks in Berlin is clearly the Club Mate (pronounced ‘mah-te’) – a highly caffeinated soft drink with mate tea extract, often enjoyed mixed with vodka or champagne.

Open-Air Hot Spots
In the warmer months, Berliners like to gather outdoors to have a good time over drinks and food. Many sit together on grassy meadows or cobbleds sidewalks to chat, have a beer, listen to music, and gaze at the sunset. Admiralbrücke in Neukölln, Volkspark Friedrichshain, East Side Gallery at the Spree River, or Tempelhofer Feld are among the most popular.

Final Thoughts

If you’re invited to a party in Berlin, beware that it will be probably a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze). You’ll be expected to take your shoes off, and smoke on the balcony most of the times. At a later hour, when the neighbors are sleeping, the party can move to the nearest watering hole or pub.

Most bars are open late into the night until the last guest stumbles home. Smoking is still allowed in some and many only accept cash.

Cheap bars in Berlin are great for a low-cost pub crawl, for a quick after-work sip or as a home pub where, you know – everybody knows your name. Discover the true face, heart and soul of Berlin in the cheap pubs of the neighborhood!