Top 10 Copy Shops Near Me (in Berlin)

Looking for the nearest copy shops in Berlin? Maybe you want to quickly scan or copy something, bind a thesis, design a very personal gift, or print flyers. Or do you want to print a poster or a few T-shirts for your next WG party.

For most of us, print shops are just stuffy, dusty places with numbered copy machines, old terminals, and rickety keyboards. You probably only go to such a store at the last minute to print a sublease, or a resume for a job application. 

However, most copy shops offer many more services and products than that, like all kinds of photocopying, color copying, digital printing, textile printing, DVD/CD burning, and more.

So here’s our list of the best copy shops in Berlin you can find right around the corner. 

Top 10 Copy Shops in Berlin

1. Copyshop Warschauerstr.

Also known as CopyFhain, this copy shop in Friedrichshain is among the top copy shops in Berlin. It has excellent customer ratings and a super convenient central location (right across the street from the subway station Warschauerstr.). 

Visit the Copyshop Warschauerstr. when you need professionals to do your printing for you. In addition to the usual copying and printing services, they also provide flyers, posters, brochures, books, etc. which are also produced in-house. Your orders can be processed at short notice and in the best quality.

  • Location: Warschauer Str. 38, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10am–7pm / Sat 10am–4pm

(Good to know: Looking for Christmas presents? This copy shop designs and prints personalized photo calendars.)

2. CSV Retro Copy Shops

For more than 31 years, the CSV Copy Shops have been operating in Berlin. They started as a small company run by two dynamic young entrepreneurs in 1990.

This background makes them a true retro company – but their range of services has naturally multiplied and improved since then. In addition to simple black-and-white copies, they now offer high-quality digital printing and more. 

With four locations around Berlin, they are easy to reach. In particular, “Die Pappel” (on Pappelstr.) has long opening hours every day of the week, making it a good choice for last-minute emergency printing on Sunday evenings.

Locations and opening hours:
Die Pappel, Pappelallee 20, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Mon-Fri 8am–10pm / Sat 11am–10pm / Sun 11am–7pm

Die Box, Boxhagener Straße 51, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Mon-Fri 8am–8pm / Sat 11am–6pm

Die Uni, Rudower Chaussee 25, 12489 Berlin-Adlershof 
Mon-Fri 8am–8pm / Sat 10am–5pm

Die Breite, Breite Str. 29, 13187 Berlin-Pankow
Mon-Fri 9am–8pm / Sat 11am–6pm

(Good to know: Here you can get some more gift classics for the upcoming holidays, like printed T-shirts, buttons, mugs, keychains, etc.)

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3. Kopierladen

Kopierladen probably has the most recognizable logo of any copy shop in Berlin, with its vintage typography and large orange letters on the storefront.

The staff is super friendly and is always quick to usher you to a workstation according to your needs. The whole place has the intimate atmosphere of a library, with 20+ separate terminals, printers for b/w and color. 

In addition to on-site printing and copying, you can also design and order other products online, such as master thesis, application folders, posters, and banners for your next demo, and much more.

Locations and opening hours:
Friedrichshain, Frankfurter Allee 72, 10247 Berlin
Mon–Fri 8am–10pm / Sat 10am–8pm / Sun 2–8pm

Weißensee, Berliner Allee 16, 13086 Berlin
Mon–Fri 8am–8pm / Sat 10am–4pm

Prenzlauer Berg, Danziger Str. 96, 10405 Berlin
Mon–Fri 8am–10pm / Sat 11am–7pm / Sun 2–8pm

Pankow, Mühlenstraße 44, 13187 Berlin
Mon–Fri 8am–8pm / Sat 10am–4pm

(Good to know: A basic fee of 50 cents is charged for the use of all computers.)


This is one of the best copy shops in Berlin and one of the most historic. It’s been around for over 30 years, since German reunification. Right at Oranienplatz, it’s always been a place of creative meeting, collaboration, and cultural reconstruction. 

But documents, dissertations, pamphlets, leases, event flyers, art show booklets, and restaurant menus are only half the story. At Copy TRIGGER, it’s science, art, passion, commitment, networking, and Berlin itself that is being celebrated.

This romantic depiction of Berlin’s history through the scanning glass of one of the city’s oldest copy shops is riveting. Doesn’t it just make you want to go there to print your next [su_tooltip title=”sublease agreement” text=”English Translation”]Untermietvertrag.[/su_tooltip] 

  • Location: Dresdener Str. 11, 10999 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9am–10pm / Sat 10am–6pm

(Good to know: There is a comfortable waiting area with a couch to relax on.)

5. Copy Clara

This is your copy store for digital printing, color printing, posters, CDs, and DVDs in Berlin-Mitte.

If you’re just starting out as a freelancer in Berlin, you can go to Copy Clara to get a stack of business cards in just 4 hours. Artists and musicians can find services like DVD burning and printing – very useful for those who promote and sell their art at Mauerpark on Sundays.  

  • Location: Rodenbergstraße 33, 10439 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Mon–Sat 9:30am–6pm

(Good to know: At the moment, opening hours are shortened because of the pandemic, only Mon-Fri 10am–4pm.)

6. CopyPlanet

Gone are the days when Berlin was known as the cheapest of Germany’s major cities. As interest in the city grows and the population increases, so do the prices of living. Look at the rents, the cultural events, the price of S-Bahn tickets. The same goes for services like print shops in Berlin. 

There is one among them that has earned the title of “cheapest copy shop in Berlin”, and that’s CopyPlanet. Here, a b/w printout costs an unbeatable 2.5 cents, and a color printout costs 15 cents per page in A4 format.

  • Location: Brunnenstr. 149, 10115 Berlin–Mitte
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10am–6pm

(Good to know: Card payment is possible from 15 euros – so take cash with you.)

7. Sprintout

Your application needs to be out tomorrow or you’re behind on your term paper? Help is at hand here at Sprintout where you can get competent service until late in the evening and get good prints fast. 

Sprintout has four modern branches spread all over Berlin. 

The wide range of products extend from business cards to large formats, from single copies to complex run production. The name says it: Sprintout stands for speed at low prices.

  • Location: Grunewaldstr. 18, 10823 Berlin–Schöneberg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 8am–12am / Sat 12am–8pm / Sun 1pm–9pm

(Good to know: Open 7 days a week, even until midnight.)

8. Copy To Go

This copy shop is one of the best, not only because of its great staff but especially because of its excellent, consistent print quality. Absolutely the place to go for digital art prints or logo and CI prints where it’s important that they look exactly the same, every time.

To ensure a smooth printing process, at Copy To Go they ask for print-ready PDF files. But customer stories paint a picture of patient and understanding employees who listen and are willing to help even stressed and confused customers. Sometimes that’s worth more than you think, especially when there’s a language barrier. 

  • Location: Dieffenbachstr. 53, 10967 Berlin
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10am–7pm / Sat 12am–5pm

(Good to know: Despite its popularity, this copy shop is rarely so crowded that you have to wait long.)

9. Sawanna

Now, Sawanna is a completely different story. It’s a Späti and a copy store all in one, offering beer, wine and spirits, coffee, soft drinks AND printing services. If you don’t already go to your local Späti all the time, you now have one more reason to do so.

There’s also an Hermes PaketShop, a bakery, coffee, and take-away.

Sawanna is recommended because of the friendly and authentic staff who always greet you with a smile.

  • Location: Welserstr. 25, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 7am–12am / Sat 9am–12pm

(Good to know: It’s right across the street from an Italian school, so expect to find excellent coffee here, alongside fresh donuts and croissants, and all at reasonable pricing.)

10. ReproBerlin

ReproBerlin? Try RetroBerlin. This copy store has been around since 1988 and really knows what it’s doing. The name is a pun on “retro” and “reproduction,” and it’s the place to go if you need professional printing and binding, plus design services. 

But if you just need a few b/w copies of your WG application, you can get them at ReproBerlin for 8 cents per page, up to 49 cents for high-quality prints on a color laser printer.

  • Location: Hardenbergstraße 7, 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
  • Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9:30am–6:30pm / Sat 11am–4pm

(Good to know: You pay a basic fee of 1 euro per 15 minutes of use of the self-service computers or Internet workstations including Microsoft Office.)

5 Things You Should Know About Printing in Berlin

Opening Times
Even though there are many copy stores in Berlin, most are closed on Sundays, some even on Saturdays. On weekdays, they are usually open until early evening, but very few are available around the clock or at less usual opening hours. At some print shops, you can email the documents in advance to the store’s email address and just show up to pick them up and pay. 

Most printers allow you to plug a USB stick into a terminal to retrieve and print your documents. Always ask about the price, because this option can sometimes be more expensive. Also, make sure black-and-white is selected as color printing costs more.
Remember the names of your files and make sure they are easy to find on the USB stick in case you have to hand it in at the counter.

Stationery and Craft Supplies 
Where there is printing, binding, copying, and personalization, stationery is not far away. Therefore, most copy shops in Berlin also carry a wide product range of pens, felt pens, textile markers, permanent markers, scissors, etc.

Card payment
Most copy stores have a minimum amount above which card payment is possible (usually 5 or 10 euros). So if you only want to print out a few pages, you should have some small change with you and pay in cash. 

Thousands of copies every day, pages flying around, shredded documents, towering paper stacks – that’s not exactly how you picture a sustainable business. It’s going to be a long way before copy shops start going greener. But the trend is toward 100% recycled paper, organic inks, green electricity, and climate neutrality. Let’s hope to see the change happen.

Copy Shops Are Here for You

Just like Spätis and Döner Kebap, copy shops in Berlin quickly become an inseparable part of your [su_tooltip title=”Neighbourhood” text=”English Translation”]Kiez[/su_tooltip]. For many, they are even a place to hang out, especially if you can also buy coffee and beer there.

You’ll find yourself visiting the copy shop around the corner much more often than you might expect, due to the plethora of services offered there.

Indeed, over time the reassuring hum of the copiers and printers, the tinkle of the little bell above the door, and the constant stream of people coming and going – all of this will make you feel a little more at home.