Top Climbing Gyms in Berlin (City guide)

Wondering what the best climbing and bouldering gyms in Berlin are? Since Berlin is quite flat and doesn’t offer any interesting rock getaways within easy reach, you are not the only one.

In fact, the highest elevation in Berlin city is Müggelberg hill which reaches approximately 114.7 m above sea level and is located to the southeast of Berlin’s Treptow-Köpenick quarter – not much climbing happening here.

Thankfully, Berlin has many well-equipped climbing and bouldering gyms for those of us who enjoy a diverse mental and physical workout.

Climbing in Berlin

Berlin has a few huge gyms to climb with a rope, a couple of outdoor concrete towers and the famous Bunker.

However, when it comes to bouldering you are spoiled for choice, with around 14 bouldering gyms scattered throughout the city.

(If you are a regular climber, we recommend making use of the Der Deutsche Alpenverein (DAV) membership which gives you discounted or exclusive access to some of the DAV climbing facilities with Berlin city.)

Climbing Outdoors in Berlin

Unfortunately, all of the outdoor options for Berlin’s climbers are artificial.

Kletterturm Teufelsberg

The oldest tower for open-air climbing is located in Teufelsberg. It reaches up 9,80m and has over 60 routes.


The second one worth trying (Kirchbachspitze in Schöneberg) is higher, but grants only 45 routes.

(Unfortunately, this outdoor climbing wall in Schöneberg is permanently closed.)


Much more exciting is definitely the Bunkerwand Humboldthain.

Here, you would be able to climb over 50 routes (of varied difficulties), try some overhangs, small pockets, crimps and almost feel like in the famous German Frankenjura.

Lastly there is Wuhletalwächter and Schwedter Nordwand. But to climb here you would need to be a member of DAV (tip: it’s always good to check their website for any climbing updates from the city).

Two Berlin climbing gyms also have outdoor climbing areas: Magic Mountain and Der Kegel.

Climbing Indoors in Berlin

For indoor climbing, you should head to Magic Mountain in Wedding. A very modern gym with many options for people only starting to climb. This gym is also relatively big and well equipped (including gym equipment and sauna) and offers leading and top-rope routes.

You can also boulder there too, but it’s more of a warm-up option rather than an alternative to other bouldering places.

Another exciting indoor climbing wall in Berlin is called DAV Kletterzentrum – up to 3 entrances for non-members. The facility is suitable for both climbing with a rope and bouldering and offers training in groups.

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Bouldering in Berlin – Outdoors & Indoors

When it comes to bouldering, there are much more choices for you to choose from. In fact, there are around 14 bouldering gyms scattered throughout Berlin city.

We will now list the 5 most popular bouldering gyms in Berlin, the location and price structure.

Berta Block

Berlin’s most popular bouldering gym, Berta Block. Staff and climbers here are known to be fun and friendly with plenty of smart climbing routes available at your disposal.

They diversify and update their routes regularly so that beginners straight through to advanced can enjoy their problems.

Something unique to Berta Block is their which allows you to scan a QR code for each routes problem, giving you tons of in-depth information from betas to your climbing stats.

Additionally, their gym features an onsite bar, yoga, weight, and stretch area.

  • Location: Mühlenstraße 62, 13187 Berlin
  • Opening Times: 9am – 12am (Every day)
  • Phone: 030 91424730
  • Price Structure:
Berlin Pass*
Children up to 6
Day admission€10€8€6€4.50
10 Entries€90€72€50€36
20 Entries€170€140€100 
50 Entries€390€325€200 
Half-year subscription
one-time debit
Annual subscription
one-time debit


A very popular bouldering gym located about 7.7km outside of Berlin Innenstadt (city center), it will take you about 30 minutes to get here from the Innenstadt with the U-Bhan.

This gym will help you master slopers’ gripping. Other advantages: system climbing wall, defined traverses and cool post-workout treats: a bar with snacks and beverages, outdoor chill-out zone overlooking the Spree.

  • Location: Hauptstraße 13, 10317 Berlin
  • Opening Times: Mon – Fri (10am – 11pm) / Sat and Sun (9am – 11pm)
  • Phone: 030 55499422
  • Price Structure:
Day Ticket:€10€8
Half-year ticket (one-time payment)€300€250
Annual ticket (one-time payment)€420€350
Annual ticket (monthly payment)€42€35

Bright Site

Big variety of boulders with a large scale of problems, and outdoor section for those summer days.

You can easily tell that the route setters here are advanced climbers, as the boulders are well optimised and make bouldering at Bright Site enjoyable experience.

  • Location: Wilhelm-Kabus-Straße 40, 10829 Berlin
  • Opening Times: 9:15am – 10:45pm (Everyday)
  • Phone: 030 49080707
  • Price Structure:

RegularReducedChildren and adolescents (6 – 18)Children (3 – 5 )
Day ticket€12€9.50€7.50€4
10+2 card€120€95€75
20+5 card€240190 €€150
Children’s hall€4€4
Monthly ticket€7055 €€40
Annual ticket€480390 €€300

Der Kegel

Der Kegel is the gym with the highest density of strong climbers in Berlin. Regardless, the atmosphere there is super friendly, though beginners might not feel comfortable here.

What predominates is sporting spirit and many people climbing there already have their training routines.

However, if you are a beginner, it can still be good for you, as you might have a chance to observe more capable climbers and learn from them. The gym is perfect for summer with its outdoor section both for climbing and bouldering.

  • Location: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin
  • Opening Times: 9am – 11pm (Everyday)
  • Phone: 030 66766837
  • Price Structure:
BoulderingRope Climbing
Normal€8.00 (2 hours)€8.00 (3 hours)
Reduced€6.00 (2 hours)€6.00 (3 hours)
Annual TicketHalf-year TicketMonthly Ticket


Südbloc is less crowded and located somewhat outside the city centre and offers 3 rooms for climbing, all equipped with a variety of different problems to solve.

It also has a decently sized outdoor climbing area for those warmer summer days.

  • Location: Großbeerenstraße 2-10 4, 12107 Berlin
  • Opening Times: 9am – 11pm (Everyday)
  • Phone: 030 74001810
  • Price Structure:
RegularReducedChildren (6 – 10 years)Children (1 – 5 years)
Day Tickets€10€8€7€4
Monthly Ticket€70€60
Half Year Ticket€330€275
Annual Ticket€460€380