What Is There To Do In Krumme Lanke – Berlin’s Beautiful Lake

Krumme Lanke is a large lake that is located in the south-western Berlin district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf near lake Schlachtensee.

It is surrounded by the beautiful green and dense trees of Grunewald Forest, making it the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

From Berlin’s city center, you can get to Krumme Lanke in just half an hour if you a’re driving, and it will take you roughly an hour if you opt for public transport, so you won’t have any issues getting to this beautiful natural location. 

What is There To Do In Krumme Lanke

From the outside, Krumme Lanke might just seem like a lake where you can go for a pleasant and peaceful walk, but there is so much more to do here than you might originally think. 

Along with walking and hiking, you can also have picnics, go swimming, and you can even skinny dip!

Certain areas are completely nudist friendly, so you can really enjoy the Krumme Lanke in all your natural glory! 

There is plenty to do at Krumme Lanke, and we’ve put together a list of some of the areas and things you can do there that you may not have initially known about. So let’s get started! 

1. Blick Auf Die Krumme Lanke

Kicking off this list we have the beautiful Blick auf die Krumme Lanke, which is located on the eastern part of the south bank of the lake. 

The thing that makes this particular area so unique and interesting is that it’s actually a nudist beach!

If you’re confident in getting naked or you just enjoy the feeling of being unclothed in nature, then this is a great spot for you to visit. 

You won’t have any issues being naked here, in fact, it is heavily encouraged.

So if you want an all-natural day by the water, you definitely need to check out Blick auf die Krumme Lanke. 

2. Schlachtensee und Krumme Lanke

If you’re looking for a place within Krumme Lanke to actually go for a swim, then you definitely need to check out Schlachtensee und Krumme Lanke. 

This part of the lake opens up from the beautiful forest surroundings and is the perfect place to go for a relaxing swim, especially in the summer when it’s warm!

Put together a picnic and go and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the Schlachtensee und Krumme Lanke with your loved ones. 

This is also a popular area on the lake for joggers and walkers, so if you want to keep active, give yourself a beautiful backdrop! 

3. Ice Skating & Skiing

Though most of the activities and things you can do at Krumme Lanke usually take place in the Spring and Summer, during the winter months, the lake itself freezes over and lots of people take advantage of this by going Ice Skating and even Skiing on the lake. 

It truly is magical to engage in these activities when the weather conditions are right.

The Krumme Lanke and its surrounding forest areas look like something straight out of a fairytale, and the winter months are the only time you get the opportunity to see the whole lake from the very center! 

4. Cycling

Though most people enjoy the simple pleasures of walking around the wooded area of the Krumme Lanke, the whole area surrounding the lake is perfect for cycling. 

There is over 3.8 km you can cycle around so you can get some exercise while also enjoying the scenic atmosphere of the Krumme Lanke.

You can go for a solo bike ride, or you can take your whole family and cycle at a pace that suits you. 

5. Gedenkstein Fritz Göhrs

If you enjoy a bit of history then the Gedenkstein Fritz Göhrs is a great attraction for you to ponder over. 

The Gedenkstein Fritz Göhrs is a memorial stone for the police Sargent Fritz Göhrs.

He actually died close by on the riverside path in 1928.

While on a patrol, his service horse got spooked and accidentally knocked him into the actual lake itself.

Unfortunately, his horse then fell on top of him and he could not escape from the water and eventually drowned. 

The Gedenkstein Fritz Göhrs was erected in his honor and remembrance, and it’s definitely worth visiting if you have the chance. 

6. Sailing & Canoeing

Another popular activity to take part in is sailing and canoeing on the actual Krumme Lanke itself. 

This is an especially popular activity to take part in the warmer months of late spring and summer, and it is incredibly relaxing.

It is also a great way to see what the area looks like from the actual lake itself, which is usually only accessible during the winter months when Krumme Lanke freezes over. 

You will have loads of fun sailing & canoeing on the lake if you decide you want to give it a go! 

7. Weg am NSG Riemeisterfenn

Weg am NSG Riemeisterfenn is a nature reserve and it is incredibly stunning.

There are beautiful wooden bridges within the nature reserve that add depth to the peaceful walking and hiking routes.

It is also an area of the Krumme Lanke that is accessible by bike. 

There is a forest path that is easily accessible for cars too that will take you to the Fennkanal, which connects both Krumme Lanke and Grunewaldsee, meaning you can check out all of these stunning areas with complete ease. 


Not only is the Krumme Lanke incredibly stunning, but it is also filled with wonderful outdoor activities that make it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day out in nature. 

From sunbathing in your birthday suit on the nudist beach, to ice skating on the lake itself in the winter, there is something for everyone only a stone’s throw journey from the city center. 

If you find yourself in Berlin and you want to get out of the city, you definitely need to visit Krumme Lanke, it is after all, Berlin’s most beautiful lake!