Lingoda Review

Learning a new language can be tiring, frustrating and just plain hard.

Organizations and apps now offer groups of one to one classes that help you learn the written and spoken language of a country.

But picking the best one for you, could be where you are going wrong. 

We have put together this simple review of an online language learning platform, Lingoda.

This will help you decide which language learning platform is right for you, Based on value for money, classes available, teaching quality and other special features. We want to make your decision simple. 

What Is Lingoda?

Lingoda is a recognized online language school that advances pupils from A1 (elementary vocab) to C1(fluent language) using the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECR).

As you complete each level you are awarded an official certification. You can use your certificates to improve your school or work visa applications and showcase your new skill. 

Lingoda uses an innovative teaching methodology which is completely different to that taught on online language apps.

This learning platform is great for those in need of a new way of learning languages than your typical question and answer format provided by language learning apps. 

Lingudo uses a goal system. Students are set realistic, achievable goals which they then continuously build upon.

Students are supported and encouraged to reach new heights with their language skills. 

The Lingoda Method

Lingoda is more of an online language school, not a language app. The service’s main goal is to give users the ability to sharpen their language skills, much like language-learning apps.

Although, the Lingoda method is unique for any teaching service provided by language learning apps. 

Lingoda prides itself on offering language lessons, classes with real life teachers and speaking and writing practice. 

As you begin you will complete a placement test to determine your level of knowledge. You will then be placed into private or group classes to help you learn at the appropriate level.

These levels are in line with the Common European Framework of Referencing Languages (CEFR). 

All Lingoda instructors have two years of teaching experience and a qualification for teaching the target language as a foreign language.

The majority of the platform’s teachers are native speakers. This allows you to learn your chosen language accurately and gives you confidence when speaking with natives in their mother tongue. 

Lingoda differs in this way from other similar language learning services available on the market, such italki and Preply, where anyone may sign up as an online tutor with little to no qualification.

Languages Offered by Lingoda 

Lingoda offers a small range of languages including: 

  • Spanish 
  • German
  • French 
  • English 

While there are only a few languages available, the quality of teaching and learning is high.

There is also the possibility that languages such as Italian and Portuguese may become available on the Lingoda platform in the future. 

The four languages available are some of the most common languages spoken throughout the world and will be useful if and when you decide to travel. 

Learning Classes 

All classes are provided with a native-speaking teacher who is fully qualified to teach the language as a second language.

They will be focused on a certain topic or theme and you will be given learning materials that you can download before the class begins. 

You will be provided with the opportunity to converse with a native speaker and, if you choose to participate in group classes, the opportunity to converse and learn from others in your group. 

Small Classes 

If you are comfortable with learning in a group, Lingoda offers small group classes. These classes are generally more cost effective than private lessons.

They are also perfect to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a safe environment.

Limited to groups of 5, you are in a class with those who are all working at the same level. 

This is different compared to other online learning schools that tend to overcrowd their classes which allows little room for student participation.

Lingoda classes allow every student to get involved and work on their language skills. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some knowledge in the language, students and teachers will support you throughout your learning journey. 

Teaching Quality 

As you search for an online learning school, the quality of the teacher should be a priority.

You want to get your value for money and be taught by someone who knows the language inside and out. And is qualified to teach others. 

All Lingoda teachers are fully qualified to teach languages and have a minimum of two years teaching experience.

This allows you to relax knowing you are in the hands of a professional and that you are getting top quality language teaching. 

A benefit to being taught by a native speaker is that you will be able to ensure your language skills are authentic.

You may be grammatically and technically correct but when you speak it can still sound off. Your teacher will spot the inaccuracies and guide you to becoming more natural in your tone. 

Additionally, hearing a native speaker’s accent and frequently used words and phrases is a fantastic approach to learn the language naturally.

Review Teachers 

Not only are you being taught by native-speakers, you are also given the opportunity to review your teacher once you have completed a class. 

Using an intuitive rating system you can share your thoughts, feelings and opinions on the teacher themselves and the materials they used. 

Students are encouraged to provide teachers with feedback to help improve classes.

Whether it’s something as simple as needing more engaging materials or more time to talk through certain topics, your teacher can make improvements to give you the best quality of learning. 

Teachers receive an anonymous email at the end of each month with their comments so they can process the comments and modify their classes to meet the needs of their students.

Ensure to be honest in your feedback to get the most out of your classes and don’t be afraid to let your teachers know they are doing a good job!

User Experience 

As Lingoda is an online learning school, having a simple, easy to use interface is crucial for students to access their classes, progress reports and certificates. 

Once you are signed on and set up, you can filter by day and hour to discover class availability. 

For example, you can search for a German class at 10am on a Friday morning and search the lessons available that meet your needs. Each class is an hour long. 

You can easily cancel and reschedule classes to fit your schedule on Lingoda making it easy to fit into your everyday life.

You can also book as many classes as you want. This can make your learning experience go quickly if you are working under a deadline.

And there is no need to complete a specific amount of classes before moving on. 

While your teacher may not always remain the same, once you have selected your preferred class you can easily locate the teacher.

Some information about the teacher will be provided and if need be you can contact them through email or other contact information. 

Value For Money 

Lingoda offers a range of 15 different payment plans. Individual lessons, group classes with a high or low intensity, and sprints or marathon-style courses are all available.

A seven-day free trial is offered with almost every plan allowing you to take a Lingoda class every day. You can experience a range of features that Lingoda has to offer before committing to any plan.

With the free trial you are able to try out either 3 group classes or 1 private class.

You can cancel your plan at any moment if you are unhappy with the service provided. 

The cheapest plan available is the French class from $56 per month. With this you can book up to 4 classes over the course of the month.

The more classes you wish to take in a month the higher your monthly plan will be. 

While this may seem expensive, the quality provided by the Lingoda teachers may be worth it for you to improve your language skills.

We recommend that you try the 7 day free trial before committing to a payment plan. On the 7th day of your free-trial you will be notified that payment will be taken the next day. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for something more from your online language learning platform or are just starting out, Lingoda is an excellent choice. 

With private one to one or group lessons available, you are able to learn your way. Choose from Spanish, German, English or French to begin learning a new language with full qualified native speaking teachers. 

You will learn from native language teachers who have at least 2 years of teaching experience and have the ability to provide them with feedback. 

Try out the 7 day free trial, gain your language certificates and learn a new language today!