Is Berlin Safe?

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and it is known for its fantastic architecture, amazing art galleries and museums, and much more.

It’s definitely a city you will want to visit if it’s not already on your bucket list. 

But you might be wondering if Berlin is safe.

It’s such a huge city with so many different areas that have their own subcultures, it’s no surprise that any tourists would get a little bit intimidated by venturing there. 

In this article, we will be going over everything you need to know about the safety levels of Berlin, as well as some tips to stay even safer, and which areas you should avoid if you’re unfamiliar with the city. 

Is Berlin Safe? 

Overall, Berlin is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. But even though it is one of the safest, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay alert. 

Two issues that are quite prominent in Berlin are bicycle theft and pickpocketing.

The nightlife in Berlin is one of its biggest cultures too, which unfortunately means you have to be careful of people trying to spike your drink. But these are problems that are common in most big cities. 

As long as you stay vigilant, stick to the right areas, and above all, use common sense, you shouldn’t have any problems if you’re planning to spend some vacation time in this beautiful city. 

Tips To Stay Safe In Berlin

Though Berlin is a pretty safe city to visit, it doesn’t hurt to have some tips to stay extra safe under your belt before you go there.

We’ve put together a small list of tips we think you should use to keep your trip as pleasant as possible, so let’s have a look at them. 

1. Avoid All Parks At Night 

This is a tip that you can use no matter where you are. Berlin is home to some beautiful parks, but when the sun goes down, they can get quite dangerous. 

Lots of cities keep their parks lit up at night, but Berlin seems to be lacking in this department. If you’re tempted to take a shortcut through a park to get somewhere, our best advice is to avoid doing this. 

Unfortunately, if you are a woman, especially if you’re by yourself, the parks at night can be of even more risk to you.

Parks such as Görlitzer Park or Volkspark Hasenheide are places you should definitely avoid at night if you are a woman. 

2. Watch Out For Fake Policemen

Some locals in Berlin have a tendency to seek out tourist attractions and pose as fake policemen.

They do this to steal money and credit cards from unsuspecting tourists.

To avoid being duped by these fake policemen, remember that you are well within your right to ask any policemen you come into contact with to show you some official ID. 

3. Avoiding Pickpockets

As pickpockets are quite active in Berlin, there are a few tips we can give you to avoid falling victim to them. Here are some of the best tips you can follow: 

  • Keep your valuables in your front pockets, and your inner coat pockets, and check yourself frequently. 
  • Avoid falling asleep on the S-Bahn or U-Bahn, especially at night. These are prime locations where phones and wallets are stolen from sleeping passengers. 
  • Keep hold of your purses, handbags, and backpacks regardless of where you are, but especially on public transportation. 
  • Stay away from parks at night and any dark isolated areas. 

4. Be Vigilant When Using ATMs

In Berlin, cash is going to be your main source of currency because most places don’t actually accept cards of any kind.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people do try and rob you when you’re getting money out at an ATM. Some people even believe that there are hidden cameras on the ATMs themselves. 

To avoid any unwanted confrontations, always cover your pin while you’re typing it and never go to an ATM alone or one that doesn’t have lots of people around. 

Places In Berlin To Avoid

There are some neighborhoods and areas within Berlin’s borders that you should definitely avoid if you aren’t a local.

Every city in the world has neighborhoods and areas like this though, so don’t think that these areas speak for all of Berlin. These neighborhoods should be avoided: 

  • Alexanderplatz – This area is especially sketchy and unnerving at night to non-locals, so it’s better to stay clear of Alexanderplatz during the later hours. 
  • Northern Luisenstadt – Like Alexanderplatz, Northern Luisenstadt is also extremely unnerving and sketchy at night, and if you’re unfamiliar with the city, it can be dangerous. 
  • Kurfürstdamm – This particular area is a hot spot for pickpocketing, so if you’d rather just avoid the risk altogether, then it’s in your best interest to avoid this area completely. 
  • Public Transport Stations – You will have to use these public transport stations at some point during your stay in Berlin, but they are relatively safe in the daytime. It’s only at night you need to avoid them. Pickpockets tend to occupy these public transport stations and if you’re unfamiliar with the area or not a native of Berlin, it can cause you trouble. 


If you feel a bit put off about venturing to Berlin after reading this article, we want to reassure you that overall, Berlin is incredibly safe and you are not as likely to run into any of these problems as much as you might think. 

As long as you stick to the right areas, avoid the sketchy ones (especially at night), and remain vigilant if you feel threatened, then you will be fine when you go to Berlin. 

It is an incredibly beautiful city that is filled with culture and interesting things, so you shouldn’t allow yourself to miss out on any of that! 

Just use your common sense! Most of these issues are prevalent in most big cities all over the world, not just Berlin!