17 Best Lakes in Berlin (For Summertime Swimming)

Berlin is largely perceived as this huge, densely populated, vibrant, bustling metropolis. But the city is also incredibly diverse with many interesting things to do, inside nature. Located in a low-lying, marshy forested area, the region is home to thriving nature, lush green forests, meadows, and over 3,000 lakes of all sizes within the city …

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English Yoga Classes in Berlin (City Guide)

English yoga classes are no longer hard to find, especially in Berlin. As the most cosmopolitan and foreigner-friendly city in Germany, Berlin is home to many English-speaking yogis and yoginis who guest teach in the studios around town.  The yoga movement is bigger and stronger than ever, and there are teachers from all over the …

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Top Climbing Gyms in Berlin (City guide)

Wondering what the best climbing and bouldering gyms in Berlin are? Since Berlin is quite flat and doesn’t offer any interesting rock getaways within easy reach, you are not the only one. In fact, the highest elevation in Berlin city is Müggelberg hill which reaches approximately 114.7 m above sea level and is located to …

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