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Best German Wines

When you think of great European wine countries, your mind might flicker to France or Italy as the top choices. However, further inland, Germany has become one of the largest producers of wine in the world with plenty of fantastic wines to choose from. From sweet whites to fragrant reds to refreshing rosés, Germany has …

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How Old To Drink In Germany

Traveling to Germany with a minor and wondering if they will be able to purchase or even consume alcohol? This is a question for many tourists. While parents may allow their teenagers to have a small glass of wine with dinner now and again, it can still be against the law.  In this article we …

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10 Most Tasty Smoothie Bars in Berlin (City Guide)

Curious about the best smoothie bars in Berlin? Healthy living has long since entered our lives, with fresh, healthy juices and smoothies at the top of the list. And what better place to explore the possibilities of a healthy lifestyle than a city that already has it all!  Berlin offers an incredible variety of things …

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